The VYRO – Versa is a (29.5 – 46.5 cm) simple, but elegant stick shisha, made of high quality V2A stainless steel. The blow off is located above the stem base as standard and ensures a quick and pleasant venting. The shisha smoke is vented vertically upwards.


The VYRO VERSA is available in 4 different colors; stainless steel, black, gold & rosé. The coloured VYRO VERSA shisha are provided with a high-quality PVD coating. Customize your VYRO VERSA the way you prefer to smoke.

Through the divisible smoke and dip tube, you can create your individual set-up, whether small or large, the Versa fits for every situation. Whether different sleeve designs or individual blow-offs, with the VYRO VERSA, you design your own shisha. The sleeves are available in different colors, designs & blow off variations.


Optimal and even flow thanks to a uniform inner diameter of the smoke and dip tube of 12 mm. The hose port is inserted into the base with a ground joint. The diffuser included in the delivery allows a quiet bubbling during smoking.


The diffuser of the hookah is removable. The VYRO VERSA can be easily disassembled into all individual parts due to its’ simple design.


The plug-in base, included in the set, has an inner diameter of 45 mm and a height of about 25.5 cm. Since the glasses are handmade and may differ slightly, we recommend a water level of about 2 cm above the downstem end. Other plug-in bases with the dimensions are also compatible. The shisha  is attached to the glass with a rubber seal (included).