How To Assemble Your Vyro Spectre

The VYRO SPECTRE is the shisha for everyone. It is a compact plug-in shisha, where the aim of the development was to offer a shisha with the right blow-off for everyone without having to modify the hookah.



Switch it up!

With over 17 standard blow-offs, there’s a favourite for everyone. You can choose your blow-off and switch it up as you like while smoking without having to change hookahs. All you have to do is turn the lower or upper blow-off switch. Magnets automatically lock it into the correct settings.


Change the sleeves of the hookah and adapt the look of your SPECTRE as you wish.


Build it up!

Build your shisha the way you want it, in the standard 41 cm size, or turn it into a large hookah with the VYRO Mod Smoke Column and the different sleeves. With the VYRO MOD sleeve and the smoke column extension, you can extend your hookah by another 10 cm.


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