How To Assemble Your Vyro Penta

Due to its’ state-of-the-art diffuser that allows for quiet smoking, a movie night is absolutely no problem with the VYRO PENTA. The VYRO PENTA is a compact (approx. 39 cm) plugin shisha, made of V2A stainless steel, real carbon fibre, resin, and wood. Sleeves of the smoke column are available in 3 different colors: red, blue & white. Due to the special composition of resin and wood, each VYRO PENTA is unique. The wood is sealed and therefore waterproof.


The diffuser of the shisha  is removable and screwable on both sides. The VYRO PENTA can be easily disassembled into all individual parts & is easy to clean. The blow-off is located below the ashtray and ensures a quick and pleasant venting. When purged, the shisha smoke bounces off the ashtray and is directed downwards. The small elevated ashtray prevents charcoal from reaching the bowl gasket. The purge is hidden under the ashtray in this elevation.



The ashtray can be easily removed from the smoke column through the ground joint adapter. In addition, e.g. a molasses catcher (18/8 joint) can be integrated.


The plugin bowl of the VYRO PENTA has an inner diameter of 45 mm and a height of approx. 18 cm. A water level of about 500 ml is recommended. Other plugin bowls with the dimensions are also compatible. The shisha is attached to the glass with a rubber grommet (included). The inner diameter of the smoke column and down stem is 12 mm.


The hose port is 11 mm, which offers a well-balanced and easy draft.

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